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The Marram Ritual


Choose Your Marram Co Shaving Cream

7 totally natural shaving creams formulated with organic essential oils for different moods and occasions.

Suitable for the most sensitive of skin.


Add to Bowl and Lather Up

Whisk up a nourishing lather that smells incredible.

It only takes 15 seconds.

Completely free from artificial chemicals which are the things that sting.


Apply to Skin

Apply the lather with the brush making small circles.

This protects and lubricates the skin, softens the stubble by up to 30% and lifts the hairs away from the face.


A Smooth Pain-Free Personal Shave

Shave as you normally would with your favourite razor.

No more rashes, sensitivity or in-grown hairs.

Just a moment to yourself to enjoy.

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Prepare Yourself

Choose. Prepare. Shave.

You will definitely need a good sharp blade. But, the real secret to a successful and pleasurable shave is how well you prepare your skin and stubble for the blade.

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