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Marram want to change the way men feel about shaving, and the way that they actually shave, forever.

Most men (as many as 70%) say they hate it. Yet, the majority still have to do it. Let’s make it quicker, more efficient, cheaper – "just get it over", they say.

We think that life is too hectic and too important to lose 2 minutes each morning to a boring, sometimes painful, chore. These two minutes might be the only 2 minutes you get to yourself all day! This is your time - to breath, to indulge and to prepare for the day ahead.


Marram Co are bringing pleasure to shaving.

1.Pleasure that comes from eliminating the common skin problems and sensitivities. The Marram Shave is a better way to shave.

2.Pleasure that comes from beautifully designed shaving tools – a pleasure to look at, own and use.

3.Pleasure that comes from personalizing your shaving experience to the time of day that you choose to shave and your mood at the time. We have 8 all-natural shaving creams to "Match your Mood".

The Marram Shave - Preparation is the Key

A good shave is not just about the blade. The secret to a good shave is how well you prepare your skin and stubble for the blade.

Stubble is as strong as copper wire. It needs to be softened, and your skin needs to be properly lubricated (without harmful chemicals and perfumes) to avoid the many skin problems men report from shaving.

In a world of rushed mediocrity, we believe in putting in the extra effort to do things properly. We believe that preparation is often the key to success - whether you are shaving, cooking up a storm in the kitchen, training for a marathon or putting in the groundwork to nail a big event at work.

Benjamin Franklin said it so well, "By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." We're for doing it right, not getting it over. We're for the extra mile, not the short-cut. We're for the long-game, not the quick fix.

Prepare, for pleasure.

Product Inspiration

Our shaving tools are inspired by thoughtfully made functional objects – the ergonomic sculpting of the handles on a pair of tailor's scissors or the simplicity of a Japanese tea set.

We look at purity of tone, contrast of materials and surfaces and staying true to what is important to the Marram Co shave. This inspires us to create beautiful, tactile, quality products that provide a personal and emotional experience of real value.

The Marram Makers

Meet the Clinical Formulator

This is Colleen. She's the Clinical Aromatherapist ('Creative Genius') who has blended all of our shaving creams using natural ingredients and essential oils from 212 different farms across the world. Each cream creates a different mood in your bathroom and is suited for a different occasion.

Colleen is something of a legend in the world of botanical/ plant medicine and aromatherapy. She originally trained in Provence, but has since weaved her alchemic skills all over the world from Thailand, Australia and the USA to France, Ireland and the UK.

Meet the Precision Engineers

Our engineering partner is a global, cutting-edge manufacturer of the World's most innovative and dynamic microscopes used by engineers and scientists across a wide range of industries.

They apply this meticulous focus on quality and finely-tuned systems to our shaving tools making them functionally superb and finished to the highest standard.

The Marram Way

The Marram Way is all about the pleasure that comes as a result of good preparation. We salute others who do things right and we'd like to share some stories of others who know their ropes, take their time, go the extra mile, find their sweet spot...

The Marram Foundation

We give a percentage of our profits each year to the Marram Foundation. The Foundation award grants to young people so they can prepare themselves to change the world for the better.



Our brushes, bowl and razors are meticulously designed and ridiculously well-made – a pleasure to look at, a pleasure to hold, and a pleasure to use.