The gift of style is in high demand in The Marvel Room

The Marvel Room in Brown Thomas is the ideal place to pick up some really special gifts amidst the fantastic atmosphere of Grafton Street in the lights


It’s the most wonderful time of the year for a reason. A stroll down a beautifully lit-up Grafton Street, a drink with friends, a satisfying browse through the shops. That’s what Christmas should be about. It’s also about taking time to buy special gifts for a loved one or to treat yourself with something as stylish as the season itself.

Bustling Grafton Street

Hop off the Luas into the chilly air and take in the glittering lights at the top of Stephen’s Green. Take in the atmosphere on a bustling Grafton Street, stopping for a quick coffee at the newly refurbished Bewleys Cafe. Then, it’s time to make your way down to The Marvel Room in Brown Thomas, where a number of stylish, sophisticated brands await.

This is a place where numerous gifts can tickle your fancy, where you can treat yourself as well as your loved ones with gifts that are both varied yet consistently impressive and of the highest quality. Stand out from the crowd with a light-up iPhone case from Lumee, and pick up a quality bathrobe or set of candles from The White Company.

Marram Co has you covered

Interested in the very best men’s shaving accessories? At Marram Co here in The Marvel Room, we have you covered. We believe shaving is a time that should be pleasurable and smartly done. It’s not about rushing through the process without a thought of how your skin and stubble are being affected. It’s about making sure you prepare your face for the cleanest, most effective shave, which will set you up for the day or evening ahead.

It’s all about how you feel. Our eight shaving creams reflect the “moods of Marram”. These will set you up perfectly whether you’re about to head off on a well-deserved night out or if it’s the morning after and you need a wake-up call or a confidence kick. Or even if you just want to enjoy the distinctive scent of Christmas itself.

An evocative throwback

Our classic brush and bowl is also an evocative throwback to a time when shaving was not merely a chore for men, but a time-honoured and faithfully observed tradition.

We always stress that preparation is everything when it comes to your shave, and the brush and bowl – alongside our 100% natural shaving creams and beautifully realised razor heads and handles – ensure that you can use your shaving time smartly and enjoyably to feel and look your best. Aesthetically pleasing and functionally flawless, Marram Co accessories put you firmly on a stylish path.

Top-quality gifts

And if you really want the gift that keeps on giving, why not opt for a shaving cream subscription? After choosing one of several creams, you can opt for delivery every four, six or eight weeks, making sure you’re never stuck without looking your stylish best.

And there are plenty of other top-quality gifts to choose from in The Marvel Room. How about a funky desk globe from Emform Globes or a set of Bluetooth earphones from culture tech company Iamplus?

But above all else, The Marvel Room is about style. Browse through Smythson’s superb selection of leather wallets, and pick those pair of special earrings from De La Lune and Eadach by Sara O Neill. Pick up an elite wine system from Coravin or perhaps something smart from Dolce & Gabbana.

After browsing around the The Marvel Room, it’s time for that classic tradition: grabbing a quick drink with friends in Kehoe’s or Neary’s, just off the sparkling Grafton Street thoroughfare.

Christmas is the most special time of the year, so why not treat yourself and your loved ones with gifts that will really make an impression?

Marram Co products and tools are available to purchase in The Marvel Room in Brown Thomas on Grafton Street, Dublin. Worldwide shipping is also available on, where you will find the very best in high-quality shaving accessories.