Quality shaving cream for men from MARRAM Co

Forget about the cheap option: MARRAM Co produces the cleanest, best quality shaving creams on the market which are tailored to suit your mood


For too long, men have had to endure shaving with cheap, synthetic shaving creams. Full of noxious chemicals, these creams did more damage than good to men, as it takes just 26 seconds for any nutrients contained in a shaving cream to enter the bloodstream.

Anything coming into contact with the skin is fully absorbed by the bloodline ten times faster than what’s ingested or digested by the stomach.

But helpfully, a new type of shaving cream is at hand. MARRAM Co has developed a range of organic quality shaving cream for men that ensure you feel and look good, while keeping your skin and body healthy. They creams are all natural, use only organic essential oils and are suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

MARRAM Co quality shaving cream for men can be tailored depending on your preference. There are seven different “Moods of Marram”, whereby certain shaving creams are recommended depending on your mood. Every day we wake up feeling different and have different things planned for our day. Why should we always use the same cream?

Our shaving creams are available in both 100ml and 20ml tubes, and our “Play Hard” collection comprises four of our eight creams, giving men a great introduction to the type of shaving creams we produce from 100% clean, natural ingredients.

We are on a mission to personalise shaving, as we know that men need different shaving creams to match different moods. Shaving should be pleasurable as well as effective. This is a time that men should treasure, to plan for the day ahead, to take a breath before the day begins, or before it ends.

Our shaving creams represent just a small part of the MARRAM Co experience. We’re revolutionising shaving – join us on our journey.

MARRAM Co’s quality shaving cream for men is available to buy by clicking this link. Our shaving creams are made from purely natural ingredients, and are tailored to suit your mood. For more information about who we are and what we do, visit our website