What's your skin eating?

Savouring fine food is something we all enjoy. If you put the time into savouring your morning shave, you will create another great daily experience through clean living


At first, it doesn’t appear that there are many similarities between eating and shaving. You could say that one is essential for life; the other is a lifestyle choice. But dig a little deeper, and the parallels become a lot clearer. For a better understanding of the situation at hand, we need to delve into the past.

Decades ago, as the world adapted to mass production of food for bigger audiences who were starting to shop in huge supermarkets, the food industry faced a problem. How were they going to ensure that food wasn’t going to go off or rot by the time people bought it from the shelves?

The answer was simple: chemicals. By using additives and artificial colourings, food producers could not only ensure that food would stay fresh for consumers, but also that it would look fantastic, too.

Other chemicals made sure that the crops and farm animals that produced the food stayed healthy and immune from disease. Supplements could be added to maximise nutrition, and indeed, synthetic packaging could be used to make sure the food itself could be transported and displayed easily.

These chemicals ensured that the supply chain stayed effective and cost-efficient, but of course there was an underlying problem. It is only in recent decades that the world has become wise to the damage that some of these chemicals can do to the body. Some of them have even been proven to be carcinogenic.

Incidentally, shaving creams have traditionally been produced in a similar way. Until recent years, shaving creams were filled with noxious, synthetic chemicals that ensured creams smelled good and looked luxuriant and fresh.

What’s important to remember here is that it takes just 26 seconds for any nutrients contained in a shaving cream to enter the bloodstream. Anything coming into contact with the skin is fully absorbed by the bloodline ten times faster than what’s ingested or digested by the stomach.

For an overall view of how disturbing the chemical trend is, recent research shows that the average woman in the US puts 515 synthetic chemicals on her body every day without knowing.

So, what has been done about it? The good news is that strides have been made in both the food and the shaving cream industries to embrace clean living.

The Slow Food Movement encourages people to enjoy food that is good for them, good for those who grow it, and good for the planet. It is a movement that embraces the importance of food as both a cultural and societal treasure. The movement was started in the 1980s and has been embraced on over 160 countries.

At MARRAM Co, we recognise the value of clean, natural products – our shaving creams are made with wholly natural ingredients that are suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Part of our philosophy is that you shouldn’t put something on your skin that you wouldn’t eat, and all our shaving creams pass the taste test and help to promote clean living.

And just like the Slow Food Movement, at MARRAM Co, we want men to enjoy the most pleasurable and effective shave. Shaving doesn’t have to be a boring chore – this is your time to breathe, to indulge and to prepare for the day ahead.

The similarities between eating and shaving are clear: the more you prepare for both, the more you will enjoy both. And if you take the time to really savour your food, why not take the time to savour the pleasures of shaving. That’s where MARRAM Co comes in: our brushes, blades and creams give you the perfect ingredients for the perfect shave. Now, just add the time and you will be set up for the day.

By staying true to our principles of clean creams and the very best shaving products and accessories, we can play a small part to help ensure that people become that little bit healthier through the promotion of clean living.

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