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News - 9 Feb 2018
Need some inspiration for a Valentine’s Day gift?
If you’re looking for inspiration for a Valentine’s Day gift, there are a number of special options for both him and her that will make the day memorable   It’s hard to believe, but spring is in the air and Valentine’s Day really is just around the corner. We know how you feel: Christmas shopping […]
Achievement - 26 Jan 2018
Quality shaving cream for men from MARRAM Co
Forget about the cheap option: MARRAM Co produces the cleanest, best quality shaving creams on the market which are tailored to suit your mood   For too long, men have had to endure shaving with cheap, synthetic shaving creams. Full of noxious chemicals, these creams did more damage than good to men, as it takes […]
Preparation - 18 Jan 2018
What’s your skin eating?
Savouring fine food is something we all enjoy. If you put the time into savouring your morning shave, you will create another great daily experience through clean living   At first, it doesn’t appear that there are many similarities between eating and shaving. You could say that one is essential for life; the other is […]

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