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What is a Shaving Cream subscription?

You sign-up to receive a shaving cream of your choice as often as you need it.

How often will I receive a shaving cream?

We will send you a fresh tube of shaving cream as often as you need it. When you set-up a subscription, you will be asked how often you shave. If you shave 1-2 days per week we will send you a 100ml tube of shaving cream every 8 weeks. If you shave 3-4 days per week we will send you a 100ml tube of shaving cream every 6 weeks. If you shave 5-7 days per week we will send you a 100ml tube of shaving cream every 4 weeks.

Can I change the Mood of my shaving cream after I setup my subscription?

You can change the mood of your next shaving cream to be delivered at any time by loging into your account and going to Subscriptions > View > Cream (choose a new cream from the drop down). Only changes made within a week of shipping will take effect. You will receive a reminder email a week before your shipping date to remind you that you can update your shaving cream choice.

When will my subscription expire?

This is a rolling subscription, it will only expire when you cancel it. Or, if you have been given a gift for a set period of time, it will end after either 6 or 12 deliveries. We will let you know that it is about to come to an end in case you want to renew.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time by logging into your account and going to Subscriptions > View > Cancel Subscription.

I have been gifted a subscription, what do I do next?

You lucky thing! You will have received your first tube of shaving cream with the gift card. Grab your gift card and go to https://marramco.com/redeem to set-up your subscription. Enter the code on your card and you will be able to set-up your subscription for the remaining 5 or 11 months of your gift. You will need to provide your shipping details and choose the shaving cream you have selected. 

Marram Products

What blades does the modern razor take?

The Gillette Fusion blades.

How do I fit a blade to my razor?
  • The Gillette Fusion Blades simply clips on to the end of the Marram Modern razor. You can either lay the blade cartridge on a surface and guide the end of the razor into the curve of the blade. Or, you can pick up the blade with extreme care holding it at either side, away from the blades, and push it onto the end of the Modern Razor.

To release the blade cartridge, hold the head of the modern razor in one hand and twist the handle of the razor with the other hand and the blade cartridge will ‘pop’ off.

  • The Marram Co Double-Edge Safety Razor is what is known as a three part safety razor. That means that it completely comes apart which is great for cleaning.

To fit the blade, you need to unscrew both components of the razor head away from the handle. The blade sits neatly between the two parts of the safety razor head. You need to lift off the top component – the cap –  to reveal 2 posts. Place the safety razor over the posts (there are reciprocal holes in the blade) and then screw the top compartment of the razor head (cap) back onto the second compartment of the head and the razor handle. Screw back on to finger tightness. You want the blade to be under tension, but you don’t want to never be able to get your razor apart again!

  • Just always make sure that you handle the safety blade by the ends not by the blades on either side as they are incredibly sharp.
  • And make sure that you position the blade in the right way up otherwise you will not get a very good shave.
  • We like to change our blades over a surface with a towel on it so that if we drop any component or blade, it doesn’t slide about/ onto the floor.
How should I look after my tools?

It will be sufficient to rinse them clean after each use with warm water and then pat them dry. In the case of the brush, give it a good shake over the basin, and possibly a squeeze to coax out excess water and allow it to dry in open air – ideally not stuck in a washbag. We wouldn’t use any harsh/ corrosive cleaner on them.

Have your shaving tools been tested for safety?  

Yes, they have all been through quality control to ensure that each component meets our strict design and functionality standards.

Each tool has also been through independent product performance assessment to ensure that they are compatible with our skincare products as well independent safety testing to ensure they meet International safety regulations.

Why are Marram shave creams different?

First you can rest assured that they contain only natural ingredients so they are nourishing for the skin. They are suitable for even the most sensitive of skins. Typically foams and gels contain chemicals to make it foam, air (in the foam) and alcohol all of which contribute to the common skin complaints associated with shaving like dryness, burn, sensitivity.


Second, Marram Co shaving creams are formulated using essential oils. Essential oils have ‘aromatherapeutic’ properties – they smell incredible – so they have an effect on your mood not just your skin. Every day we wake up feeling different. Why then would we use the same cream each day? We have 8 creams to choose from each formulated for a different mood or occasion.

What is the difference between a shaving cream and a foam?

Canned foams and gels tend to contain more air than the product itself. This adversely affects the skin’s ability to upwardly suspend the hair, resulting ultimately in the burning sensation after shaving. Switching to glycerine-based creams (natural plant based) will immediately improve the shaving experience, exponentially. (Sandeep Sharma, Mensxp.com)

What are essential oils?

If you have ever smelled a flower, you’ve experienced the aromatic qualities of essential oils. These naturally occurring, volatile aromatic compounds (change state from a liquid to a gas very quickly) are found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers and other parts of plants.

Essential oils give plants their distinctive smells. They also protect plants from

  • insects and predators (e.g. insects are rarely found on a peppermint plant)
  • as well as act as antimicrobial, antifungal, and antibacterial agents against a wide range of organisms that may threaten the survival of the plants.

They also play a role in plant pollination.

In addition to their intrinsic benefits to plants and their beautiful fragrance, essential oils have long been used for food preparation, beauty treatments and health-care practices in plant medicine.

Each oil has different functional applications for the skin from anti-inflammatory to antibacterial to healing to stimulating cell turnover.  But they also smell incredible having an ‘aromatherapeutic’ effect on your mood from calming to empowering to uplifting to soothing and many more.

Will I be smelling like my shaving cream all day?

No, it is a wash off product so will create an aroma for the duration of the shave mainly. There may be a mild smell left on the skin as if you had washed your face with soap but this will fade with time and certainly won’t be over powering or compete with your chosen aftershave or perfume.

Do your shaving creams only contain natural ingredients?

Yes, we only use natural ingredients in our skincare products and organic ingredients where we can. We do not use any harmful chemicals at all which could lead to burning sensation or stinging your skin.

Can I recycle my packaging?

Yes, you can recycle all the cardboard packaging as well as the aluminium tubes that the shaving creams are filled into. You can also recycle the safety blades.

How cool are my new marram shaving products?

The coolest.


How long does standard post take to deliver?

All our deliveries are sent with An Post standard post. If you would like to select next day delivery, we can organise express, tracked post.


Ireland – Next day.

Standard post to UK is 2-3 working days

Rest of Europe 3-5 days

International 6-7 days

How can I return a product?

See our returns policy here

Shaving Clinic

How does The Marram Shave help with common skin problems?

A survey conducted by The International Dermal Institute indicates that 79 percent of male respondents say they have one or more skin problem(s) that they notice daily from shaving.

Problems Associated with Shaving

We know that the simple act of shaving imposes constant stress on the skin. Shaving is a form of physical exfoliation.

  • Razor bumps, ingrown hairs, razor burn and inflammation are just some of the visible signs of trauma.
  • Shaving can lead to over-exfoliation, as well as a compromised lipid barrier.
How does The Marram Shave help?

Shaving the Marram way focusses specifically on the preparation of the skin and stubble for the razor which helps protect the skin from the trauma from the blade. It can therefore, help to prevent the common skin complaints men report from shaving.


Marram Co champions the brush and bowl method where a thick nourishing lather is whipped up with the brush and an all-natural shaving cream and applied to skin before shaving. This lubricates the skin, softens the stubble and lifts the hairs to be cut at the right angle.

See more info on The Science of Shaving.


What payment methods are accepted when paying online?

All payments are taken via Stripe – the most secure software platform for handling monetary transactions. All major credit cards accepted.


I received a gift of a subscription card - how do I redeem it?

Log onto www.marramco.com/redeem

Enter the code on your card and you will be able to choose how often you want the creams to be delivered and which creams you would like delivered each month.