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Ho Ho Ho!

It just smells really Christmassy.

A bright, warming, joyful shaving cream formulated to create a typically festive aroma in your bathroom. The pure, organic essential oils will also help to fight infection, strengthen the immune system, lift up weary souls and calm and brighten tired skin.

It’s just what you need to get in the Christmas spirit.


Cinnamon, Clove, Sweet Orange and Frankincense.

The Marram Shave is a very clean shave: Only the best, natural ingredients go into our shaving creams making them suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. They are free from harmful chemicals, additives and perfumes. These are the things that sting.

Ho Ho Ho!
Ho Ho Ho!
Ho Ho Ho! Shave Cream
*The price above includes any applicable discounts as part of our Black Friday Sale.