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Two thirds of men say they loathe it. Hardly surprising, when this daily ritual has been turned into a chore, by plastic razors and chemical foams.

Shaving is More Effective when you Prepare your Skin Well

Men have been taught that successful shaving is 'all about the blade'. But in fact what really makes the difference to whether you get razor burn or rashes is how well you prepare your skin.

Shaving should be pleasurable

From the rich, creamy lather whipped up with our brush and bowl, to the look and feel of ridiculously well-made and perfectly weighted razor – shaving is more pleasurable when you're using the best possible products and tools.

Shaving should be personal

Shaving after working out at the gym? Before going on a date? When you just want to chill? You and your skin will need different things depending on your mood and the occasion. We think you should be able to pick the right cream to match.

The Marram Brush & Bowl Shave


Shaving Creams

Match your Mood. Choose your shave cream by how you feel... we have 8 shave creams for different moods and occasions to tailor make your shaving experience every time.