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Our brushes, bowls and razors are meticulously designed and ridiculously well-made. They’re a pleasure to look at, a pleasure to hold, and a pleasure to use. We’ve designed different components that all fit together so you can create your own unique set of shaving tools.

Brush & Bowl

The Marram Shave starts with your brush and bowl. First, choose your badger-hair brush-head and the finish of your brush handle. Then, choose your bowl. Notice how your brush docks onto the lid of your bowl. Nice.


Now, choose your razor-blade head and handle. Our Modern Razor works with the most respected blade on the market – the Gillette Fusion. (We’ll be adding more razor-heads to be compatible with more blades to the market soon).

Our ‘old-skool’ Safety Razor takes a double-edged safety blade for the classic, responsive shave.

MarramCo Travel Set

A unique, light-weight, flat-pack brush and bowl shaving set in a convenient zip-up case. Perfect for travel.

Never Tried Shaving with a Safety Razor?

You really should. You get a closer, more responsive shave. And because the safety blades cost less, you can use a fresh, sharp blade as often as you want. You can also recycle them so less plastic in the landfill. It only takes a couple of shaves to get the hang of it (the knack is simply to take shorter strokes and rinse your blade slightly more often). Believe us, once you try it, you won’t ever go back. (See The Science of Shaving for more tips).